Plans: When You Make Them And GOD Changes Them (Pt 2)

Like I wrote in my previous post (Pt 1), my plan was to finish college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with hopes of getting a job with one of the top accounting firms. That plan also included me later on taking the C.P.A. Examination, and after a few years I wanted to open my own Accounting firm.

1GOD came in and took full control when I didn’t even realize what was happening. I went from one day wanting and working towards being an Accountant/CPA who wanted a high rise condo, black Lincoln Navigator and nice lifestyle, to a regular girl who became suddenly highly more interested in cooking, baking, making soaps, candles and body products with my own two hands with the help of GOD.

1I was able to sit back and finally realize how much I had been changing. I was always someone who was a great cook. However, I was more of a Corporate America kind of girl.  Here I had went from being a Corporate America girl to a Handmade Domestic Engineer.

I had to ask myself what was really going on. Here I was thousands of miles away from Corporate America where I had last worked for a fortune 500 insurance company as an Associate Accountant. After the LORD had spoken to me about giving up my job and going back to the Caribbean. Here I was back in the Caribbean without a job, a position, much less a title and a paycheck.

1It was a long hard and very difficult journey. By the time I had moved back to the Caribbean, I was already in full force back-slidden mode in my walk with the LORD. The high position corporate job in America had about taken over my entire life. I barely had time for myself, let alone did I have any time to spend with the LORD. I was constantly working. Despite my broken relationship with the LORD. HE wasn’t done with me just yet.

I remember thinking to myself this must be GOD. There was no way that this was my doing. I would have never up and traded my corporate job for being a regular Handmade Soap maker without any money, a business or any prospects. Despite all of the difficult challenges that I faced while there, GOD still had a plan for my life. I really couldn’t see it at the time.  A lot of my best strength came out of the hardships that I had endured while living there.

Fast forward to 2014, by then I had already returned back to the LORD. GOD began speaking to me through HIS word. One Sunday while I was on my way to church, I was reading the Word when GOD began to speak to me. HE began to show me that it was time for me to leave the place where I was living. It was also time for me to let some things, places and people go.

1In between all of that, I always dreamt of doing radio in the Caribbean where I lived.  I wanted to be able to give a lot of the Artist who contributed and sang those good ole wholesome songs that I grew up listening to a chance to have their music played on the air. I wanted them to get their rightful dues, respect and recognition. I wanted those artist and their work to be acknowledged properly and rightfully. Quite frankly, I wanted this generation to hear what real music sounded like.

Besides wanting to work in radio, I also wanted to write Christian Fiction and be a Motivational Speaker one day. I always enjoyed encouraging and motivating others, especially when it came to the things of the LORD. However, went it came time to encourage myself, I truly struggled with this. I was the girl who could encourage others, but couldn’t find a lick of encouragement for herself when it came to getting my dreams off the ground.

1 I slowly began preparing for where GOD was leading me. In 2016 GOD started speaking to me about starting a Podcast. It really wasn’t something that I was interested in doing. Nonetheless, I was obedient and began to do a lot research about starting a podcast. I spent countless hours, days and months doing research through reading books, articles and watching YouTube videos.

As I started doing the research on the type of equipment that would be needed, I realized a had a few pieces in my film production kit that I could use. On a bare bones budget I was able to acquire a few more pieces. I had no idea what the name or content of what the podcast was going to be.

I began praying and seeking GOD’s face daily for direction. On August of this year, GOD had given me the name and the format for the podcast. The Words of Encouragement Podcast was born. I remember GOD saying to me, “You always wanted to be a motivational speaker. Here is your chance. Now is the time.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had been praying regarding becoming a Motivational Speaker more and more. However, in my mind I pictured myself in a big place on stage motivating other people. That’s when GOD once again spoke to me and said, “You get to motivate people from wherever you are.” I didn’t have to get dressed up, I didn’t have to pack a suitcase. I didn’t have to stand anywhere. All I had to do is seek HIS face in prayer and through HIS Word. I just had to lean on HIM and trust HIM.


I would have never thought of this in a million years. GOD came up with such a brilliant plan and idea. There are times when I just sit back and smile with great joy as I think about where GOD has brought me from. I am so happy that GOD exchanged my own worldly and fleshly plans for HIS plans.

I am so thankful and grateful. Most importantly, I am so humbled to know that GOD would use a broken vessel like me for HIS Kingdom and HIS Glory. As I prepare each week for every Podcast episode, I seek GOD’s face for direction. After all, without HIM I could never do it. Today I am able to encourage myself with the help of the Holy Spirit as I listen back to some of my very own episodes. It took me encouraging others on a broader platform in me being able to now encourage myself in the LORD.

It’s not about numbers, statistics or likes. It’s about reaching people for CHRIST one play, one like, one follow and one download at a time.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank you for your tender mercies. Thank you for not giving up on me during my darkest and most stubborn period of my life. Oh, how I thank YOU each day for exchanging my dreams and plans for Your plans instead. I am forever grateful. Amen. 

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