Mother Dearest

Yesterday as I sat in church clapping and cheering my heart out for Mother Cymbala, who was celebrating her 103rd birthday. Pastor Cymbala, myself along with the entire church we were celebrating his mother’s 103rd birthday, while I was silently remembering the mother I had lost 41 years ago that very same day.

As the lights were dimmed and the television screens throughout the Tabernacle brightened with a beautiful visual photo story of Mrs Cymbala’s life during her younger years. As I sat there with the rest of the congregation admiring the story that was being displayed before my eyes.

As I sat there watching those pictures I couldn’t help but think of my own mother. After all, it was the anniversary of her death. My heart ached as the tears welled up in my eyes that had been hidden in my heart from early that morning. Slowly they began to roll down my cheek as I quickly wiped them away before the video presentation was over, and the lights came back up.


I would go on to enjoy the rest of the wonderful Sunday service as I thanked GOD for Mother Cymbala’s life, as well as my own life. I had outlived my mother by 12 years. I was the last of her personal bloodline creation left. I was still here despite everything that I had experienced. I realized that GOD did indeed have a plan for my life. I had outlived both my mother and my brother.

Many days I wish I had grown up with my mother. I wish she was still here. I often wondered what type of relationship I would have had with my mother. Would things in my life had been different. Would I have walked down the same dangerous paths that I did in the past. I had so many questions running through my mind and no answers.

Even though I was only four years old when my mother died. I still have some of the most beautiful memories growing up with her.  I remember my mother teaching me how to pray. She would make me pray over every meal before I ate it, and I would have to pray every night before I went to sleep. Those are the memories I cherish and carry with me throughout my life. My time spent with her as short as it was, are some of the most beautiful and precious times of my life.

I Miss You Dearly Mother



2 thoughts on “Mother Dearest

  1. Although I do not know the pain of loosing a mother if feel your sadness and grief. Tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I read your reflection about your memories of and with your mom. May God continue to bless, keep and guide you.

    Love you infinitely,



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